Club Gladstone – Slouch Hat

Working with the chair of Club Gladstone, NAVIGATE Business Solutions team worked with Club Gladstone to articulate the project needs and put in place an approach that will efficiently achieve the desired outcome of the club to develop The Slouch Hat – History of a Nation, a Museum dedicated to promoting an understanding and respect for military heritage and celebrating human achievement.

Leveraging our sector expertise, relationships and knowledge, the team has worked with project stakeholders and decision makers across the
following areas:

• Investment logic mapping
• Preliminary, strategy and detailed business cases and feasibility studies
• Various state-based frameworks and guidance materials
• Infrastructure Australia and other grant submissions

During this project our team were focused on applying process and strategy in innovative ways to create value, while gathering the economic data for our client to have credible data when seeking investment of $24 Million in a community project.

Absolute Enterprises First to Secure Mackay Manufacturing Hub Funding

Absolute Enterprises is a small engineering firm located in the Mackay region of Australia. The company specializes in custom engineering solutions for the mining and construction industries.

With the Mackay Manufacturing Grants Program (Round 2) providing an opportunity for small- medium businesses to secure funding for the purchase of new equipment and technology, Absolute Enterprises sought the services of NAVIGATE Business Solutions to apply for the program and was successful in securing the funds.

The program’s mission is to “build a strong, vibrant and resilient manufacturing industry in the Mackay region.” Absolute Enterprises will use the funding to purchase a L-730 Horizontal Plane Laser, including the supported tooling and software system.

This new equipment will enable the company to transition into a more competitive business by automating processes and embracing industry 4.0 technology. The new equipment will enable Absolute Enterprises to provide more efficient services to their clients, including faster turnaround times and higher accuracy.

The laser will also enable the company to produce more complex parts, which will give them a competitive edge over other manufacturers in the region. The purchase of the equipment will not only benefit Absolute Enterprises but also the community in which they operate. The company will be able to provide more jobs to locals, as well as contribute to the growth of the Mackay region’s manufacturing industry.

The Mackay Manufacturing Hub Grants Program (Round 2) has enabled Absolute Enterprises to secure the necessary funds to purchase the L-730 Horizontal Plane Laser, which will enable them to transition into a more competitive business with automated processes and industry 4.0 technology. The purchase of the new equipment will benefit the company, as well as the local community, by providing more jobs and contributing to the growth of the region’s manufacturing industry.

Upton Engineering Secures Funds for Manufacturing Hub Grants Program

Navigate Business Solutions Australia (NBSA) was engaged by Upton Engineering to help them apply for the Manufacturing Hub Grants Program in Queensland. This program provides grants to help manufacturing businesses expand and become more competitive.

NBSA’s team of experienced grant consultants worked closely with Upton Engineering to develop a comprehensive submission that highlighted the business’s strategic objectives and the potential impact of the grant. The application included detailed financial and business projections, as well as a business plan. The team at NBSA also provided additional support to Upton Engineering throughout the evaluation process. They provided advice on how to best represent their business, as well as guidance on how to address any potential issues that may arise. The submission was successful, and Upton Engineering were awarded 50% of the project costs ($636,972) to purchase the Makino A500Z 5-axis machining centre.

This machine will enable them to diversify into the renewable energy and defence space and become more competitive, which will help them to remain a key player in the Queensland manufacturing industry. NBSA’s team of experienced grant consultants were instrumental in helping Upton Engineering secure the grant. Their knowledge of the Manufacturing Hub Grants Program, combined with their dedication and attention to detail, enabled the business to secure the funding they needed to purchase the machine and expand their business.

Berg Engineering Showcasing the Titan SC 40/50-4HY at Open Day

NAVIGATE Business Solutions Australia was appointed by Berg Engineering Gladstone to facilitate an open day showcasing the Titan SC 40/50-4HY Double Column Vertical Boring & Turning Mill machine.

This machine, imported from Germany and valued at over $2.5 Million, was to be presented to major resource companies in the region.

The Titan SC 40/50-4HY Double Column Vertical Boring & Turning Mill machine has several capabilities that make it suitable for the resource sector. The machine features a high-precision spindle head, a powerful motor and rigid construction, allowing it to machine parts with high accuracy and repeatability. The titan’s capabilities can handle parts up to 4,500mm in diameter, 3,000mm in height and weighing up to 16,500 kg, making it suitable for large resource sector parts.

The team at NAVIGATE Business Solutions Australia was tasked with the challenge of organising the event and ensuring the success of the open day. This included setting up the facility, local content, managing the stakeholder list, coordinating media, and arranging transport for guests.

The NAVIGATE Business Solutions Australia team worked closely with the Berg Engineering Gladstone team to ensure a smooth and successful open day. They worked to ensure that all guests were given a comprehensive presentation of the machine, as well as an in-depth tour of the facility.

The day was a great success, with over 100 guests in attendance. The machine received high praise from all attendees, who were impressed by its features and capabilities. The event was also covered by local media outlets, allowing for further promotion of the machine.

Overall, the NAVIGATE Business Solutions Australia team was instrumental in ensuring the success of the open day. By arranging all the necessary components and working closely with Berg Engineering Gladstone, they were able to create a memorable event that showcased the Titan SC 40/50-4HY Double Column Vertical Boring & Turning Mill machine in its best light.