Grant and Tender Writing

Writing and submitting an application for a financial grant isn’t decided and fixed. How you draft your proposal makes a huge impact on whether it is approved. It is imperative to highlight your overall fundraising plan and why this grant is detrimental to the advancement of your business.

That’s why it’s important to source a team of experienced writers who have written approved submissions and understand what goes into writing a successful grant proposal. Whether you’re presenting to the local government or a big corporation, the process requires a clear understanding of grantsmanship, including what goes into the ideation and creation process of a knock-out proposal.

The writing and submission process, no matter the situation usually follows a loose process similar to this:
⦁ Analyse the audience and purpose for the proposal.
⦁ Gather information regarding the particular grant you intend to secure
⦁ Write and format the proposal.
⦁ Work with your team to revise and edit the proposal.
⦁ Submit the proposal.
⦁ Hopefully, receive the grant.

Community Relations

Our team is ready to assist you in engaging with your business’s stakeholders, tailored techniques and strategies help you effectively reach and communicate with stakeholders, no matter what part of the engagement cycle they are in.                                                                                             

Regional Capacity and Capability Programs

The best local content procurement and employment outcomes are always enabled by working ahead of the program with key stakeholders to develop market capability and capacity. We know how challenging this process can be, so we develop regional programs to help build Capability and develop Capacity. We will:

 Work with economic and employment advocates across industry and government to build understanding and market readiness for project procurement; and
 Align with regional businesses and employment service providers to build a labour force to deliver on any awarded contracts.

Project and Business Facilitation

NAVIGATE Business Solutions Australia offer Business Development Services on a case-by-case basis. You can tap into our experience and skills without having to hire a full time Business Development Manager.

Our Business Development service was developed as a means to becoming a conduit for business development throughout a number of niche market sectors. The right network and the right person will always connect the dots regarding opportunities, stakeholders, and business development yet that person can be hard to come across. As industry professionals, the NAVIGATE team, has worked across the manufacturing, construction and resource sectors throughout QLD developing an immense network and becoming the go to for project updates.

Governance Compliance

Practising local content inside a project is one thing, engaging with a region in a way that makes it easy to do business is quite another. A big part of successful local content is engaging regional economic professionals working in Government, Council, Chambers, and development groups. Government regulations are increasing when it comes to local content, so it is imperative to ensure compliance is met at the new level of standards. Our team are experts in analysing government requirements and implementing strategies to not only ensure compliance but to stand out amidst competitors.

We will help you:

 navigate the multiple regulations applicable to your project.
 keep you up to date on local, state, and federal compliance requirements.
 draft submissions such as Australian Industry Participant Plans; and
 create easy to use reporting frameworks to make those regular reports efficient for your team.

Stakeholder Management

We design and deliver tailored engagement strategies to build understanding, create local ownership and to inform sustainable decision making. Our team creates the right environment for engagement that is open, transparent, and effective.

We develop and implement tailored strategies with the right mix of techniques to bring people together – including face to face engagement, specialist representative processes, websites, digital engagement, and social media. We have skills in every aspect of the engagement lifecycle – from scoping, strategy, design and delivery to interpretation and evaluation.

Integrated Management Systems

Our team can also help your business integrate all your systems and processes into a unified framework, to ensure efficiency by streamlining your management and being able to address all elements of the management system. These systems are also employed to identify and address various and different kinds of risks to your workplace while ensuring continual improvement of the business.

This better positions your business to optimise your operations and utilise your time and resources where it is needed most. All our systems also align with ISO standards.

Content Creation

We have an in-house team with specialist skills in idea generation, strategy, marketing, content writing and visual design all of which are essential elements to fast-track the successful completion of a Capability Statement. Plus, our digital marketing specialists can help you deliver your content effectively online.

If you are seeking a company that can take the load off your shoulders know that you have come to a company that does the heavy lifting for  you. All our products and services are designed around making your experience easy, successful, and enjoyable.

Social Media Management

The ever-changing landscape of digital media platforms can be a challenge for any business. With our specialist team who know how to achieve results with carefully crafted strategy, copy and visual design to deliver online social content that not only aligns with your business and brand but champions it in a way that potential customers and clients relate and engage with.

Whether it’s Facebook and Google ads or creating a cohesive and engaged with audience on Instagram, our team is here to deliver you high quality, specialised, custom content and management for your business.